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  • José
    In one of these web searches, preparing my business trip to Amsterdam, simply appeared before my eyes, someone who made my imagination go out of the usual and enter in another level, which initially I didn’t dare to describe but that certainly, in my feeling, behind those highly seductive pictures, would be someone very special. Then I moved by an irresistible desire, ventured to forward a message, saying to myself that maybe, would be impossible to match. But, for my surprise and delight, she promptly answered, performing to me very romantic and with a "magic" seduction. Gentlemen, Fenna is very true and authentic with the "approach" and for those who are looking for something that really makes the difference, if compared with what is usually found on the web, she is in "another level". So, after some email exchanges, I dare to say that we were no more strangers to each other and like good old friends, we had an appointment. She then, with her wonderful "etiquette", recommended to meet at the hotel bar for us to know each other better, but I dared to skip this part of the meeting, because I liked to welcome her in a special way. So I asked her to meet me directly in my room, in which she fully agreed. Candlelights, roses, soft music, and a chilled Moet, and there she was, exactly on time, knocking on my door. Gentlemen, now begins the hardest part, however, the most fascinating. How to find words to "describe" Fenna?! I would say with all boldness that, welcome her, gifting with candlelight, roses and champagne, is absolutely nothing if compared with what she really deserves. Fenna is a lady with a stunning beauty and a fascinating delicacy from behind of a highly seductive woman. With a tight dress in a sculptural body, she performed to me. She was perfect in every way, awakening the "mad passions" and desires of every man. She is also communicative and very fun and it was a pleasure to spend some time exchanging our life experiences as good and old friends. I've told her how much I enjoyed celebrating "the good life" with her.  I confess, I continuously had the desire to undress her completely and enjoy that wonderful body, but Fenna really is an "Upscale Experience". She deserves to be spoiled and contemplated in a very smooth way, advance in that "territory". Undress her slowly in the light of candles is something indescribable and is something that only happens in the best dreams and I'll never find the words to describe! More "Moët Chandon" after a bath together and she whispered in my ear what every man would like to hear. She was ready for the "Next Level". As an irresistible woman, she gave me one of the best nights of sex ever and the rest, well....I dare to leave that up to your imagination! Unfortunately, the hours flew away!! .............. But it was a night to remember! Fenna………… irresistible!!!! Fenna Beluga ......... unforgettable!!!! Some day I’ll be back to Amsterdam. I’ll wait for this day in my dreams, Fenna Beluga, I want you again!!
  • Dylan
    While searching for someone "special" to create a unique shared experience during a business trip to Amsterdam, I came across Fenna. I made my introduction by email and then followed a brief exchange which allowed us to become acquainted and plan our time together. Her attention to detail is second to none and this ensured that the time we shared was truly perfect from start to finish. Fenna is as engaging as she is beautiful. What words could I use to describe her, she is elegant, captivating, alluring and enticing. An irresistible physical form, with a personality to match. There are many choices when it comes to that most sort after "girlfriend experience", but I doubt there is anyone who is as accomplished at it as Fenna. Time spent with her feels truly natural, is easy going, relaxed, quite spontaneous and very passionate. She is one in a million....
  • Miguel
    Recently, while on a business trip to Amsterdam I was looking forward to having the chance to meet a classy, beautiful lady to spend my free time with. I wanted an independent, high-class companion. I browsed through many websites but most of the so-called independent escorts were suspicious in that either their sites didn't look classy at all, or they were too young. Then I came trough Fenna's site and I liked what I saw. She is also in her mid-30s, which I liked as she's closer to my age and also because I think it's easier to find a classy, well-educated woman in that age range. Communication with her via email was surprisingly easy and straightforward. I loved that as I had the feeling I was getting to know her before actually meeting her. I wanted to book the "Between the Sheets" package as I looked forward to the whole experience of being with a beautiful lady like her. We set the date and time and stayed in a very nice suite in a beautiful hotel. Unfortunately, due to problems which were out of our control, we couldn't meet until much later than agreed, but she was generous with time and stayed until much later than agreed to. When we finally met, despite how late it was and the fact we were both obviously a bit tired, I was happy with what I saw. Fenna is indeed a beautiful, sexy lady who looked great with the dress I asked her to wear. When you first book an appointment with any woman it is of course a risk, as you might end up being dissapointed. Fortunately, in this case she lived up to my expectations. She was at ease in any situation and I had the feeling of a true classy GFE, be it having a drink on the bar, eating a late pizza, drinking champagne in the jacuzzi, kissing and caressing, or getting naughty in bed. It was a very enjoyable experience and I will definitely meet her again when I travel back to Amsterdam!
  • From Russia with love, P.
    This was not my first visit to Amsterdam. However, this time my goal was to meet with a real Dutch woman, who has beauty and charm. Thus, after a rather lengthy search, my choice fell on Fenna. Doubts are an integral companion for every person. Therefore, I was worried about the fact that a woman from photographs may not be Dutch, but a representative of one of the countries of Eastern Europe (which was contrary to my current goal, with all my love for Eastern European women). However, all my doubts were dispelled when I saw how Fenna arrived on a date (very Dutch, I must say). This woman has incredible sexuality, grace and style. Keen mind, broad outlook, life experience and tact make Fenna an incredibly interesting companion. Not being a connoisseur of high cuisine, I, nevertheless, wanted to impress her and chose one of Amsterdam's trendy restaurants for a date. However, when we came there and I found out what I was going to eat there, I was very puzzled. Seeing my confusion, Fenna understood everything and immediately offered to go to another place where my favorite steaks are cooked, which I happily agreed on. At the same time, Fenna did not express any disappointment, demonstrating her full focus on the man and his comfort. After the restaurant we went to my apartment. And if in a social setting Fenna behaved like a high society lady, without giving a single clue about what awaits me next, then as soon as we were alone, she turned into a master of seduction. Long slender legs, sparkling look, full of desire, sensual lips and a voice that promises pleasure. It was very difficult for me to keep myself in hand and continue to communicate and not jump at her at the first minute, tearing her blouse that concealed her tender breast. In all this there was some painful and refined pleasure. At some point, I realized that I could not stand it any longer. The first kiss of her beautiful lips, still storing the taste of wine which we just drank, her gentle tongue caressing my tongue. Fenna loves long passionate kisses. Then the kisses of her beautiful neck, chest and more... Fenna has a delicate skin, a delicious body odor, and she is very fond of caresses. I was so carried away by her and forgot that we were in a living room and there were no curtains on the window. Realizing this, we moved to the bedroom, where Fenna began to caress me. I won't go into detail but we had a great time between the sheets. Fenna takes good care of health and hygiene, and therefore does not do any bareback activities that I am more than happy with. After being intimate together, we were lying on the bed for quite some time and talking. It was very nice to realize that this beautiful woman was in no hurry to go anywhere and gave all her time to me this evening. Of course, each of us is looking for a meeting with a woman of his own. I like it when a woman relaxes with you during intimate moments, does not hesitate to talk about her own desires and also gets pleasure. And in this respect Fenna surpassed all my expectations. Summing up, I will say the following. Fenna is a very attractive Dutch woman with beautiful manners, taste and keen mind, which makes communication with her incredibly enjoyable and exquisite pleasure. Thank you Fenna for an unforgettable experience and a great time together!
    From Russia with love, P.
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