About me

- WHO AM I?-

I'm a true Dutch treat ; Multilayered, soft in the right places and sweet to the core (Did I just compare myself to a pastry? Yes, I did. I really think I did! :-)

I was born and raised in the Dutch countryside/forest thirtysomething years ago and have since been traveling extensively, studying hard, laughing hard, loving hard and loving gently. I have a genuine interest in other people, and I like to broaden my horizons through connecting with new and long term friends which is one of the many reasons why I've become a companion and 'temporary girlfriend'. It's a lifestyle...I love playing with my sexuality. I love adding spice to your life, while simultaneously adding flavors to my own. I love the variety, the thrill and the satisfaction of fulfilling our fantasies. I love the intimacy and I love being able to bond with wonderful and kind people from all walks of life. OK, you get the picture - I love what I do.

My personality is genuine and sparkling. I've always been adventurous at heart and I adore whisking away the boundaries of the ordinary, making every minute count. I'm also a very sensual, feminine and warm person. My regular suitors would describe me as authentic, open minded and passionate. Apparently I appear both charismatic and charming to them too and usually they feel comfortable and confident in my presence, by which I feel flattered.

I'm spiritual, soulful and at the same time both sassy and bold. I'm probably pretty hard to label, but if I were to 'the sexy, grown up version of the girl next door', describes me pretty well I guess. Not that I'm a fan of labelling people, but hey, this is supposed to be a relatively brief bio, right.

I'm all about pleasure - yours and mine - and my priority is for our experience to be as genuine and mutually enjoyable as possible. One of my own greatest pleasures is getting together for a meal or a glass of something talking about everything and nothing while leaving the night open for exploration. Another pleasure of mine is discovering each other bit by bit, letting go and giving in to the passion and intimacy of the moment. At the risk of sounding corny, I find the greatest pleasure in witnessing you having the time of your life. There's nothing quite as gratifying as knowing that I've contributed a bit to that extra spring in your step and to your ever growing...smile.

Until we meet,

Fenna -x-

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